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*Chapter 1: Westopolis*


In the downtown of Westopolis, everyone were running away in fear of the black aliens who were now attacking and destroying everything. The GUN soliders arrived in ten jeeps, taking out their guns and shoot the aliens.
Shadow arrived in the city, trying to find the alien that he had talked to before, about this "promise". What DID Shadow promise him? Shadow had the amnesia for months and never recall anything about the promise he made for the alien leader. He only had the memories of a girl named Maria...who is she? Shadow shook his head to ignore the confusing thoughts, and focus on the mission that he suddenly had to do. He skates through the streets, passing humans and aliens, but then he heard a voice, a singing voice from the ally. Shadow's ear twitched as he heard it. He recognized the voice... Shadow went to the ally and found a blue hedgehog dancing there, wearing headphones and holding a white iPod. Sonic the Hedgehog is the name, a blue hero. He is singing a certain song.

"I just want to fly.
Put your arms around me baby,
Put your arms around me baby,
I just want to fly.
Put your arms around me baby,
Put your arms around me baby."

Shadow watched him in annoyance. Did Sonic know that the city is being invaded now? If he did know, why is he being a dance-off at this time? Shadow picked up a beer bottle and threw it at Sonic's back. The blue hedgehog stopped singing and turned around. Shadow stares at Sonic in silent. Sonic took off his headphones and smiled at him.

"Hey Shadow! Long time no see!" He greeted. "What's going on, buddy?" Screaming and roaring is heard outside the ally. Sonic blinked and look up at the red sky. "Oooohh..." He says in a low voice.

"Some hero you are, Sonic." Shadow said in a tone. "You somehow bothered to be here alone, listen to your damn music, and never noticed something, huh?" Sonic's ears lowered a little.

"Why do you have to be so harsh to me, Shadow?" He asked. "Well, I have to go out there and save the world! C'mon, you can join me if you want!" Sonic ran passed Shadow in full speed. Shadow followed him out in the city. Before he could catch up with Sonic, a purple alien appeared in front of Shadow. It's the alien who made a hologram of the alien leader.

"You are late, Shadow..." It said. It's the same voice too. "From now on, my eye shall serve you for me."

"...Who are you?" Shadow asked in demand.

"No time for foolish questions, Shadow! Now, start finishing off these soldiers, who dare to defy me!" The alien said. "No one will defy me, Black Doom, the leader of the Black Arms!" Shadow stares at the one eye alien, blink a few times. Black Doom. So that's the leader. But, this here is the eye, Doom's Eye. And the rest of the black creatures are called, Black Arms. Shadow hears two soldiers ahead of him, trying to shoot the flying alien creatures. Shadow was told to kill the soldiers. But, why? Shadow just skates ahead and used Chaos Spear on them, making them fall on the ground, stunned. Doom's Eye made a chuckle, an evil chuckle. Shadow stares at the soldiers.

"Spare us!" One of them said. Doom's Eye flew beside Shadow.

"Make the humans suffer, Shadow!" He said. Before Shadow could say something, Sonic came back.

"Shadow?! What did you do to them?!" He asked. Sonic kneeled down by the GUN soldiers, giving them each a bottle of water. Doom's Eye got close to Sonic's face, like he was studying his features. "Whoa...who the heck are you?" Sonic asked.

"Hmmm... The blue hedgehog full of speed. And full of foolishness..." Doom's Eye said. Sonic glared at him in the eye.

"Hey! Watch it!" He snapped. "I don't know who you are, but what you all are doing is so stupid and wrong! We'll stop you, right Shadow?" Shadow turned to Sonic in silent. Doom's Eye wanted Shadow to destroy humans in the city, and Sonic wanted Shadow to save all humans and destroy the aliens. What will Shadow do? Hero or villain? Without saying a word, Shadow just skates off to the streets. Sonic called out his name and chase after the black hedgehog. Doom's Eye made a glare.

"Hmmm... He doesn't know what we were planning, does he?" He asked himself. "Perhaps Professor Gerald has done more to his memory than I imagined." He flew off to the different part of the city.

Shadow skates down the streets, but then he found something glowing ahead of him. He came close and realized that he found a green Chaos Emerald. Shadow picked it up and felt energy running through inside him. Not later though, Sonic arrived with a blue Chaos Emerald.

"There you are, Shadow! Look what I found from the aliens!" He said. Instantly, Shadow snatched it away from Sonic's hands. "Hey!" Sonic yelled.

"Once I find all the emeralds, I will uncover the truth about my past." Shadow said as he held to emeralds. Sonic blinked.

"God, you still don't remember a thing?" He asked. "But, you gotta remember, Shadow! We first met in San Francisco! It was a year ago! We-"

"Nothing comes up, Sonic!" Shadow told the blue hedgehog. "Although, one memory about the girl is there in my head. I don't know who she is... Something tells me that she knows me very well..." Sonic knew that Shadow is talking about his old friend, Maria Robotnik. Months ago, Sonic tried to make Shadow remember, but nothing rang a bell. Sonic thought Shadow should find out himself. If Sonic tries again, he knew that Shadow will rip him apart.

"You'll find out, Shadow." Sonic said. "But, I have to ask-"

"I don't have time for you Sonic." Shadow said. "I need to find the rest of the Chaos Emeralds. I have to find out the truth..." He skates away from the blue blur. Sonic watched him going down the city, passing the black creatures.
Holy crap, I wrote the prologue of this, and never started the chapters yet! It's been months! Damn! XD Oh well, I'll start the first chapter already!
Okay, we all know what happens here, and Sonic was being an idiot like always in the level. LOL I love him anyway.

Next Chapter: [link]

Prologue: [link]
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I won't put ALL of the levels from the game, just the half of them in need for the storyline that Shadow finds some clues.
And yeah, my own fanfic of this, it's going to have some things that are NOT in the game at all.
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Nice job!
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